The Entity   |  Lead  |  Drive Thru Productions

Cami Leon should have said No   |  Lead  |   Outpost 31

To Say Goodbye    |  Principal   |   Winterstate Entertainment

When the Rain Comes   |  Lead  |  OuterRim Productions


Travel Addicts  |   Co-Host  |  Ron Schara Productions

Shop HQ   |   Guest Host   |   iMedia Brands Inc

Paparazzi    |   Host/Lead Personality   |   Committee Films

 Training & Workshops 

Marie McMaster   |   Mini-Workshop  |  M. McMaster

Brave New Workshop   |   Improvisation   |   Bobby

Bova Acing Workshop    |   Master Class   |   Anthony Bova

Special Skills
Dog/Animal​ ​Handler​, ​Yoga,​ ​Paddle​ ​Board, Kayak, Photography/Photo gear,​ ​Teleprompter, Improvisation, ​Accents​ ​(British,​ ​Southern,​ Minnesotan, Canadian)  IFB, Swimming, Indoor Rock Climbing, Aerobics, Fitness Machines